Sevone factory is located 240 km from the capital Belgrade in the triangle of eastern Serbia near the borders with Romania and Bulgaria. It is situated in the industrial area of Zlot in close proximity to the town of Bor.


Motorway E-75 Belgrade-Nis and regional road E761 Paracin-Bor-Zlot provides connection to north, south and Eastern Europe. Danube port of Prahovo opens the way to the east and Russia. Bor Railway Station is nearby.


Eastern slopes of Homolje mountain range, where the factory is located, are at 292 m altitude and under influence of northern European climate zone with distinct characteristics of continental climate.


Factory complex encompasses all systems and installations necessary for efficient running of technological and massive timber furniture production process.


1. High and low voltage installations end electromotor system
2. Power station with 640 KVA system commissioned from Electricity Authority
3. Installation of water system, sewerage and fire safety systems
4. Compressed air installation
5. Installation of central heating, ventilation and boilers
6. Installation of vacuuming system


Fully fenced factory complex accommodates storage and production facilities, administrative offices, drying chambers, compressor and power stations, silos and vacuuming system.

Storage and preparation of timber and elements
Raw materials and supplies are unloaded by fork lifts into a closed warehouse or open storage area. Warehouse features facilities for primary cutting into elements of required size for further processing in drying chambers.

Drying Chambers
Two BRUNNER HILDEBRANT dryers with 2×45 m³ capacity are equipped with rails and steel platforms. Timber and elements are places on the platforms and transported by rails into the dryers and back to the production facilities.

Drying process is fully computerized.
Dry timber is transported into warehouse for cutting and is then taken by fork lifts into production facilities.

Production process is carried out on machines positioned in accordance with technological procedure – from initial processing to assembly of finished product.

Color application
Coloring is done in 2 spraying chambers using ecological colors. Chambers are fully ventilated. Furniture is transported into warehouse for finished products where it is packed and loaded on to trucks.

Pieces requiring upholstery are brought to upholstering section for final finishing.

Administration building features:

Management and technical department offices
2 wardrobes with showers and restrooms for 130 workers per shift

Restaurant for employees, located in the central part of the building, providing easy access for all employees.
Management, guest and visitors enter the building through separate entrance with reception hall.


Production Facilities:

All production and storage facilities have been built according to the relevant European and Serbian regulations. In accordance with strict fire safety regulations, prefabricated reinforced concrete elements were used. Structure span is 20m and 24m in the production hall with height of 5m to eaves and 7.60m to the roof ridge. All elements of the bearing structure – foundations, columns, frames, walls and roof panels are built with use of reinforced concrete elements. All facade walls are covered by Demit facade cover. Roof is made of profiled plastic coated tin sheets with thermo insulation. All windows are aluminum with thermo bridge and thermopan glass.

Floors in the production hall and in warehouses are made of reinforced concrete panels able to withstand heavy transportation. Floors in all other areas are made in accordance with the requirements of the specific area – ceramic tiles, parquet, etc.

Raw material storage and cutting
Construction of this building was done using same type of AB construction with 2×12 m diagonal and 3×10 length span. Walls are made of syporex blocks. Roof is made of plastic coated tin plate. Floors are made of AB tiles reinforced to withstand heavy loads. Covered storage has a capacity of 600-700 m3 of material.

Drying Chamber
2 drying chambers are prefabricated construction on solid fundament base and are made of steel construction and thermo sandwich panels. Chambers feature steel rails for platforms – carriage on which 43m3 can be loaded. 2 17m long rails enable direct loading of wood in the storage.

Boiler Rooms
Steel and concrete construction with plastic coated tin sheets

Dusting System
5 pipelines transport dust through 5 cyclo ventilators to silo. 2 silo have 60m3 capacity, each. Silo construction has a built in access for trucks.


The machines and technological equipment utilized in the production facilities provide everything necessary – from initial processing of elements to the finished product. Technological process ends in the spray room, upholstery and storage with platform for loading the finished products.


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