custom designed tables and chairs

Sevone is an expert furniture manufacturing facility with over 20 years of experience making and selling high-quality furniture to a worldwide market. We have also produced models for Ikea as well as Holsag-Canada. Click below to request a custom quote!

sawn and kiln drying services

Sevone Furniture possesses the expertise to saw logs into planks and dry them in our high-quality Brunner Hildebrand kiln. Logs will be purchased from the Serbian forestry then sawn and dried to your specifications. Click below to request a custom quote!

outlet items!

We have many chairs, tables and furniture elements in stock! These items were all produced in our factory with high-quality and care of mind. This list will be updated regularly when new items have been added. Check out the list below!


Ask away, We are here to help!

All kinds of wood are living organisms and are affected by the conditions which are exposed to (e.g. humidity, drought etc.). There is a possibility that the furniture, which is manufactured of solid wood, to have a crack in the future, this is happening due to the contraction-expansion of the wood and it can be repaired relatively easy. Suitable kinds od wood for manufacturing a piece of furniture are those which contain less than 6% moisture.

The kind of patina or polish applied on a piece of furniture defines what kinds of cleaning products to use; we must follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Under no circumstances should we use products of general cleaning such as soaps, liquid soaps or bleach. For a more detailed explanation about the cleaning process of a specific piece of our furniture feel free to contact us directly!

We ship everything from Bor, Serbia.

Upon delivery of items, you must check to see if there is no damage that occured during the delivery, within 24 hours if possible.

If something is in any way damaged, the delivery must be signed for as such.

Please notify us with details within 7 days of the date of delivery, and we will happily exchange your goods at no extra cost.

Unfortunately, no. Products can be ordered via e-mail or direct call to us and will be shipped to the desired adress.